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The Vintner proudly represents a group of wineries from various regions of Australia and New Zealand. Click on the winery photo to access their website, and contact us to inquire about their wines.

Aphelion – McLaren Vale, SA

Micro batch, hand crafted, minimal intervention, delicious wines made for Mediterranean and Asian food in McLaren Vale. From The Sun To You.

Izway Wines – Barossa, SA

At Izway Wines, our task is to gently guide our wines to bottle so they are an accurate reflection of both the site on which they were grown and the prevailing conditions throughout the growing season. We utilise the abundant sunshine to generate power. Our winery is the only one in the Barossa Valley this is completely off-grid and our own vineyards are organically grown.

Sherrah – McLaren Vale, SA

The purpose of SHERRAH is to showcase the varieties I believe are best suited to the amazing region of McLaren Vale, truly one of the finest places to grow grapes in the world.

Agathist Alchemy – Barossa, SA

The term Agathist Alchemy is a reference to the natural way in which the wine is made. We are relying on the grapes and the ferment to choose their own path to greatness.

Higher Plane – Margaret River, WA

At Higher Plane we are more inclined to the belief that ‘less is more’; winemaking with delicacy, elegance and complexity as the aim. Our property has ideal exposure and gravelly duplex soils (and adjoins the Devil’s Lair vineyard). The varieties planted were carefully selected clones and closely-planted to produce low yields and increase fruit intensity, with defined varietal expression. Higher Plane’s aim is to produce the highest possible quality wine from this exceptional vineyard site.

Charlotte Dalton – Adelaide Hills, SA

I firmly believe that a wine must be made with a happy heart and a content soul.  And that is, simply, why I make the Charlotte Dalton Wines; to bring me joy, happiness and contentedness and to share and hopefully pass those feelings on to you through the wines.

Matriarch & Rogue – Clare SA

Matriarch and Rogue is simply about great fruit from great vineyards. Marnie Roberts is the winemaker and the family behind the label, with all the wines named for her family, with wine styles matched to the big characters in the Byrne family.

Greystone – Waipara, New Zealand

In 2000 the Thomas Family began work to create the Greystone vineyard. From the outset the goal was to realise exceptional wines from the unique terroir. The north facing limestone hills slope down to clay – the perfect combination for growing wines of minerality and concentration.

Thistle Ridge – North Canterbury, New Zealand

Made by the award winning team at Greystone Wines in a traditional manner and sourced from Waipara, North Canterbury vineyards. Waipara, New Zealand, is becoming one of the country’s fastest growing wine regions.

Golden Child – Adelaide Hills, SA

Born from a love of wine, a taste for quality and friendly sibling rivalry, Golden Child Wines is a collaboration between vigneron David Hamilton and winemaker son James. Hand-picked to optimise quality and fermented using natural yeasts, our wines are vegan friendly and are bottled unfiltered with minimal additives.

Gilbert Family Wines – Orange, NSW

Boutique wine producer, Simon & Will Gilbert, source grapes from Mudgee, Orange & Eden Valley. They focus on one thing, crafting quality wine. They are a little obsessed! They only serve wine that truly represents their craft, and they love to share the stories behind each wine.

Swinney – Frankland, WA

Swinney Vineyards is a family winegrowing concern located in the Frankland River region of the Great Southern in Western Australia. The vineyards are part of remote and isolated 2,500 (approx. 6,000 acres) hectare grape growing and grazing property which has been the home of the Swinney family for four generations.

Alkimi Wines – Yarra Valley, VIC

Stuart Dudine created Alkimi Wines out of a quest to sculpt wine by choosing parcels of grapes which reflect his winemaking philosophy. In his words;  ‘To find vineyard parcels that perform exceptionally well where their roots lay, year in and year out. No matter the season, wet or dry, cool or warm.’